TangenT Summer Sketches

Video installation sketches summer 2012:

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Visual Thesaurus

Hope this sounds coherent. Did some research… The visual thesaurus taps into google analytics, which is a massive massive database of how links happen in the web. google analytics, through some means… I guess through analyzing keywords?… in turn taps into all the online dictionaries and thesauri already out there and pulls in their data. Visual thesaurus thus acts like a search engine and does not have its own database… just a javascript application (and a fairly simple one at that) that creates the graphic from someone else’s data. Pretty clever. The graphic is modeled on the concept of a mind map diagram. this is a common tool used for brainstorming by a lot of folks. The script makes the graphic look very dynamic by kind of “bouncing” the data around as it populates the screen. Yet it is the opposite of mind mapping: those who use mind maps as a brainstorming tool encourage “irrational” or “nonsensical” associations by asking the themselves not to judge the connections made, that is, there is no rigorous “right” or “wrong” in the mind mapping… it’s like recording a stream of consciousness. By contrast, visual thesaurus is a very rational expression of known associations. Thus we can talk about this idea of an “irrational” thesaurus, the thesaurus of equivocation: puns, semantic shifts, metaphor, fallacy… this approaches the political syllogism in an interesting way. ” We must do something…This is something… Therefore, we must do this.”

I don’t know what all this has to do with climacteric, but hey, it’s out there…

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Lafayette gallery

For reference, the gallery we’re filling with a draft of Sleep of the Righteous

gallery measurements #2

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Free sound

Collage is alchemy, the turning of garbage into gold. Here’s some great dumpsters to dive in for sound collage.

partnersinrhyme human sounds

partnersinrhyme music loops



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So the material for the work turned out to be undyed sheep’s wool yarn. Held up in the space way better than I anticipated. I used the closed-loop design after all (the second video in the post for Into the Void). Opening is NEXT Friday, and look for a video of the actual work later on YouTube.

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Into the Void

Here’s the text of Jeanne Brasile’s press release for the upcoming show in Newark:

Index Art Center Proudly Presents

“Into the Void”

June 18th through July 16th, 2010

Opening Reception – Friday June 18th, 6 – 9pm

Index Art Center is hosting a group exhibition entitled “Into the Void.”  The show, curated by Jeanne Brasile, Director of the Walsh Gallery at Seton Hall University, will feature artwork that explores the concept of negative space.  Featured artists include;  Gianluca Bianchino, Jen Blazina, William Cromar , Marc D’Agusto, Kristofer Harzinski, Vandana Jain, Darren Jones,  Alex Lockwood, David Meyer and Cody Trepte.  Artwork selected for inclusion in the show explores the nature of objects in which the absence of materials is a key component in the art-making process.  By focusing on a lack or subtraction of materials, viewers are called to question the nature of art that derives its meaning from absent forms rather than those that are present.  In addition, all artworks are monochromatic.  This neutral palette will enhance the interplay between the artwork and the physical space of the gallery itself – blurring the line between perceived and tangible spaces.

Notes Jeanne Brasile, “As a curator, I am especially interested in questioning how the architecture and layout of the gallery contributes to audience perception of the artwork.  I have wanted to produce an exhibition based this theme of negative space for some time and I am grateful to Index Art Center for providing me with this opportunity.”    Artwork included in the show will address any number of formal and conceptual elements but will be unified by the color white and a predominance of empty space.

Index Art Center was established in May 2009 by three of Redsaw’s former founders; Lowell Craig, Seth Goodwin, and DC Smith.  Their mission is to help strengthen and revitalize Newark’s emerging art scene.  They wish to create an environment where the local community and artists of all media can come together and take part in a unique dialogue, one which affirms Newark as a center for contemporary art.  Index Art Center is located at 585 Broad Street, Newark, New Jersey between Central Avenue and New Street.  It is easily accessible by car, The PATH and NJ Transit.  Hours are Thursdays from 6 to 9pm.   Admission is free and open to the public.

I’m heading up today to check out the space for real. Here’s a quickie video of the work that’s going in… see how it transforms when it becomes material. Either this…

… or this…

… only the space will know for sure.

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Ecco eco echo

The ultimate in recycling, let’s consider re-purposing our pollution-is-pornography opus in light of that new Neverending Story, the gang-rape of the Gulf by BP, Halliburton, Deepwater Horizon. WRONG. By all of us who drive cars, thereby creating demand. Everyone sits in their cars in a traffic jam on the turnpike, listening to NPR reporting on the disaster, getting mad at BP. Buncha hypocrites, we are.

Anyway. Replace the feed-corn-filled condoms with condoms filled with oil. That should do the trick.

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Body videos

Gabrielle is completely, completely sick. She has compiled below some of the most grotesquely beautiful, or beautifully grotesque, videos ever. I almost passed out watching some of these.

































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back from the brink

No thoughts here, just a declaration of return! Thought I’d start off with a new theme to maximize images, love this wide-angle version.

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