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Hey TangenTeers!

Don’t freak if this site looks different a bit later on. I can see by the way things are evolving that we could use some pages instead of categories to vastly improve the functionality. I’ve also been digging and found … Continue reading

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Projection under and over the sky

This photographer, Blake Gordon, has “found” a projection in light casting from buildings to clouds, click on the image to get to his gallery. … then check this out… projection from the other side of the clouds… These courtesy … Continue reading

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Lone gun

And here we have a gent from Basanostra Productions, Sebastian Funk I think. A very minimalist setup… click on image to his description “What I Use…” This is part of the Urban Projection site I’ll talk about much more later. … Continue reading

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Projection Bombing

Much closer to what we need, very comprehensive instruction here, but with an annoying ad to avoid mouse-over-ing at the header… click on image.

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Open Air Cinema

More geared toward outdoor conventional screening of movies, a good basic idea about lumens and so on… click on link.

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Pliny the Elder at projection systems

Pablo Garcia, a prof at Carnegie Mellon, beat me to the punch. Here an essay on Pliny the Elder’s telling the story of Butades of Corinth and the fabled origin of painting. I remembered the Schinkel painting from an art … Continue reading

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Projection (drawing) as projection (object)

We’ve been talking too long about projection as a movie-image thing… more conceptual idea about projection related to drawing or superimposition can lead to physical manifestations. We were talking about projecting into cups, right? How about projecting cups?

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