GPS Art?

“GPS Film is a new way of watching a movie that’s based on the viewer’s location. The system is a new media artwork from Scott Hessels and is released as an open source application that runs on any GPS-enabled mobile phone or PDA.

GPS Film invents a new form of film-viewing experience by using the place and movement of the viewer to reveal the story.” From Scott Hessels

Sooo. What do you guys think about GPS ART? Here’s a way we can link several otherwise disconnected material art environments/experiences with some sort of mutual concept or narrative thread. To my mind, not just for movies.

One idea… a multi-piece multi-place performance linking the four squares Logan-Rittenhouse-Washington-Franklin. Depending on which the audience encounters, they dial up the others to experience them in a synchrous fashion, not having to trek to the other three squares unless they wish to.

Or working with other artists at an antipole… the other side of the world, literally, where there would be dry land of course. People dialup the antipole to experience the synchrous performance.


About William Cromar

is an artist and educator exploring the relationship between digital and tactile media.
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