ALTX Revolution Number 911

We were talking about audio for the new, as-yet-untitled hair piece (is that a pun? It reminds me of John and Yoko’s “hair  peace” bed-in…).

I ran across a site I forgot about, ALTX and, among the Pandora’s box of stuff there is an archive of audio work by the likes of Mark America and Ergo Phizmiz. Give a  listen to the ALTXAudio archive, Number 13 by Phizmiz, a work called Requiem for the Precedence of the USA.

What I like here in the first ten minutes are the layered voices at different levels (mumbling, shouting numbers) and with different cycles (quick, long, never) and the slow introduction of clever, really bad banjo work, sometimes congealing, then dissipating. It jumps (Revolution Number 9, why are the Beatles here today?) and reiterates earlier layers with numbers (Phillip-Glassic Minimalist feel without the polish). Toward the end a manic numerical invocation of 911911911911… ya know. Revolution Number 911?

Maybe some inspiration for the scissors here…


About William Cromar

is an artist and educator exploring the relationship between digital and tactile media.
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