From the shears to…

I’m copying Yvonne’s email here, and adding to the list.

> I like the video – minus the sound.  The girls are cute but this piece is totally about repetition of the sound created by the tools…..
> Some ideas –
> total an aside
> images printed on mylar with light projected from behind  – the images would be on the ceiling so that the shadows are cast on the people below…
> ideas generated from Sunday
> opening and closing doors – play with scale  – larger doors projected on small sculpted minimally defined houses
> button unbutton -projected on a  small dress, christening dress, miniature wedding dress or flat paper dress
> eye hook – unhook – like a bra hook
> sew sewing sewn – clothing, sewing on a button – needle in and out of the holes, skin
> pin pinned attaching acupuncture piercing (can you imagine getting permission to video a tattoo parlor/piercing pagoda?)
> blinking
> chewing biting eating
> plucking – tweezers/hair
> husking corn pealing revealing
> knitting knotting tatting quilling
> each has to operate as its own material, everyday routine actions

Yvonne you are a busy bee!
Pressing buttons or old-school rotary dial on projected on phone.
Pinching with a clothespin (Oldenberg/van Bruggen) suggestive of a kiss.
Key entering and twisting in a lock.
Sitting and standing in a chair (Kosuth).
Scrubbing a really dirty dish (out damned spot!).
Lancing a boil.
Match striking, candle burning.

Many of these really interesting as reverse footage (buttoning/unbuttoning for example). Repetition of action doing-undoing similar enough to be subtly STRANGE when done reverse. Also an interesting metaphor here.


About William Cromar

is an artist and educator exploring the relationship between digital and tactile media.
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