Urban Screens

First Monday has a group of essays on the impact of public screens. I’m excited to find this just before our break, and plan on sifting through this for insight into our larger scale work. While we are working on our current body of smaller-scale, seemingly gallery-based production, it’s good to keep this larger scale and more public, quasi-guerilla thread of work on our table. Personally, thinking about warmer weather on this snowy off-day, I’m thinking about warmer climes and times and getting outside with the projector again. Any thoughts about how we might repurpose and SIMPLIFY the 709B narrative to do some guerrilla work in spring/summer?


About William Cromar

is an artist and educator exploring the relationship between digital and tactile media.
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2 Responses to Urban Screens

  1. in total agreement that we work at several scales at once. first monday?

  2. “First Monday” is an online peer-review journal. Click on the name, it’s a link.

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