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Flickr and YouTube: OPP are you listening?

Shamelessly self-promotional links to the cloud. In addition to my OPP website, I’ve created a parallel photoset on Flickr for higher-resolution versions of the images… and a YouTube channel for videos. I’m waiting for the day Other Peoples Pixels will … Continue reading

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Matt Gatton has proposed that the camera obscura is the origin of all art. His arguments are quite resonant, and explain phenomena seemingly as disparate as the Pyramids and Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Best of all, he’s no crackpot! … Continue reading

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Double Pony Double

Tangenteers, I’ve been sooo neglectful this week! I had a plan to bomb the blog, this being break week and all. But I got roped into other things. I did, however, have a brilliant thought to complete Double Pony (which … Continue reading

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