Double Pony Double

Tangenteers, I’ve been sooo neglectful this week! I had a plan to bomb the blog, this being break week and all. But I got roped into other things.

I did, however, have a brilliant thought to complete Double Pony (which now has for me a political subtext as well… left and right sniping and snipping away at each other, dontcha think??). I want to create a loop in which the left and the right reverse speed incrementally and imperceptibly. That is, the left starts at normal speed and the loop cycles down to the slowness that the right starts at. Meantime, the right starts sloooow and cycles faster and faster. They’ll meet in the middle and cross over. Then they reverse again, completing the loop. No one will notice when the entire loop is 10-20 min or so.

What I’d REALLY like to do is create an imperceptibly different length of loop and cycle through two projectors, yielding a kind of Reichian/Cagian never-quite-the-same juxtaposition situation.

There I go again!!! WHY oh WHY can’t I be happy with just one projector?

Let me know what you think gang…


About William Cromar

is an artist and educator exploring the relationship between digital and tactile media.
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