Flickr and YouTube: OPP are you listening?

Shamelessly self-promotional links to the cloud. In addition to my OPP website, I’ve created a parallel photoset on Flickr for higher-resolution versions of the images… and a YouTube channel for videos.

I’m waiting for the day Other Peoples Pixels will allow embedding YouTube vids, beyond a tepid link on a link page. I’m a huge fan of their hosting system… the best for artists out there, and I (along with TangenT) have multiple sites posted with them… but I haven’t warmed up to their video upload or presentation modes, or their these-days unnecessary limits on server hosting limits. The cloud provides limitless possibilities. Even though it’s probably a profit center for them for now, they should ditch the vid server and embed, embed, embed. Soon enough I’d be attracted to the service that does this…

I’ve had all these kinds of accounts for awhile, but… so dense… never paid attention to the synergy they can create. There are monstrous advantages to getting out there on multiple platforms and making them talk to each other. Once you figure out what you need and how to stitch them together, it’s a beautiful system, STILL less work than old-skool database html frame-and-table pages!


About William Cromar

is an artist and educator exploring the relationship between digital and tactile media.
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