Into the Void

Here’s the text of Jeanne Brasile’s press release for the upcoming show in Newark:

Index Art Center Proudly Presents

“Into the Void”

June 18th through July 16th, 2010

Opening Reception – Friday June 18th, 6 – 9pm

Index Art Center is hosting a group exhibition entitled “Into the Void.”  The show, curated by Jeanne Brasile, Director of the Walsh Gallery at Seton Hall University, will feature artwork that explores the concept of negative space.  Featured artists include;  Gianluca Bianchino, Jen Blazina, William Cromar , Marc D’Agusto, Kristofer Harzinski, Vandana Jain, Darren Jones,  Alex Lockwood, David Meyer and Cody Trepte.  Artwork selected for inclusion in the show explores the nature of objects in which the absence of materials is a key component in the art-making process.  By focusing on a lack or subtraction of materials, viewers are called to question the nature of art that derives its meaning from absent forms rather than those that are present.  In addition, all artworks are monochromatic.  This neutral palette will enhance the interplay between the artwork and the physical space of the gallery itself – blurring the line between perceived and tangible spaces.

Notes Jeanne Brasile, “As a curator, I am especially interested in questioning how the architecture and layout of the gallery contributes to audience perception of the artwork.  I have wanted to produce an exhibition based this theme of negative space for some time and I am grateful to Index Art Center for providing me with this opportunity.”    Artwork included in the show will address any number of formal and conceptual elements but will be unified by the color white and a predominance of empty space.

Index Art Center was established in May 2009 by three of Redsaw’s former founders; Lowell Craig, Seth Goodwin, and DC Smith.  Their mission is to help strengthen and revitalize Newark’s emerging art scene.  They wish to create an environment where the local community and artists of all media can come together and take part in a unique dialogue, one which affirms Newark as a center for contemporary art.  Index Art Center is located at 585 Broad Street, Newark, New Jersey between Central Avenue and New Street.  It is easily accessible by car, The PATH and NJ Transit.  Hours are Thursdays from 6 to 9pm.   Admission is free and open to the public.

I’m heading up today to check out the space for real. Here’s a quickie video of the work that’s going in… see how it transforms when it becomes material. Either this…

… or this…

… only the space will know for sure.


About William Cromar

is an artist and educator exploring the relationship between digital and tactile media.
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