Lafayette gallery

For reference, the gallery we’re filling with a draft of Sleep of the Righteous

gallery measurements #2


About William Cromar

is an artist and educator exploring the relationship between digital and tactile media.
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7 Responses to Lafayette gallery

  1. Yvonne Love says:

    Thinking about the eye surgery piece, wondering how big the fabric should be – should it be weighted at the bottom – clamped across the top like the ecco photo? double panel? triple panel (one panel behind the other catching the light) – catching receiving the the image – self referential – inward looking instead of big brother or clockwork. What do you see when your eyes are forced open, what do you see when your cornea is removed and reshaped how does that reshaping changed when it is done by hand or by machine? and what does it mean when you elect to allow someone to change your sight at their will?

    • Well we ARE the artists, right? It’s our prerogative to change others sight at our will… mwa ha ha!

      Seriously, it means you are willfully submitting to others will.

      As far as the configuration of the cloth, I like the thought of more than one catching panel, but let’s wait until we’re in the space to experiment. I like the idea of just letting it drape and allowing whatever currents in the air to take their course, but again, we’d be responding to the space.

      Is this a resource issue… as in… we can’t spend money on alternatives?

      • yvonne love says:

        I think the fabric is cheap, so no, I will pick this up. Can’t wait to see the editing you are working on next week.
        Nice puns, these pieces are ripe.

    • I just built a digital model of the space and with two catching screens the space will REALLY come alive. Will post renderings from the model later, have been struggling with a balky computer today.

  2. yvonne love says:

    oh and can I somehow get email prompts when there is a posting instead of having to check in?

  3. yvonne love says:

    ok nevermind, prompt is at bottom.

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