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TangenT is a collaborative dedicated to mixed-media, project-based, immersive art environments exploring socially relevant and politically current themes.

Gabrielle Russomagno received her MFA in photography from Yale University in 1989. She has exhibited nationally and internationally since 1985. Her work is included in many permanent collections including The Museum of Modern Art in New York. She chairs the Visual Arts Department at Germantown Academy in Fort Washington and is a visiting artist at Lafayette College in Easton, PA.

Yvonne Love received her MFA in sculpture from the University of Pennsylvania in 1994. A sculptor and installation artist, she exhibits her work nationally and is represented by Sidetracks Gallery in New Hope, PA. Dedicated to arts and arts education, Love founded an art school for visual and performing arts in New Hope, PA and a non- profit regional artist in residence program. She is a senior lecturer at Penn State Abington College.

William Cromar received his MFA from the University of Pennsylvania in 1994. He is an architect, animator and musician who has exhibited his work nationwide since 1983. The recipient of a Silver Medal at the 1983 International Biennial of Architecture in Sofia, Bulgaria, he was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts Grant, a Samuel Fleisher Art Memorial Challenge Exhibition and was a finalist for the Pew Fellowships in the Arts. He is currently teaches at the Abington campus of Penn State University.

Complete resumes of TangenT artists can be found in the Bio section of
this website.


5 Responses to About

  1. yvonne says:

    Bill this looks great so far, can i share this with Hee Chang?

    • tangentart says:

      Of Course. I’ll be giving everyone admin and posting rights soon as well. Hee Chang I think should be able to post while he’s an ACURA student… we’ll create a “Student” category or something for him.

  2. tangentart says:

    Yvonne, also any of our associated artists should be invited for a look-see and a link to their stuff.

  3. yvonne says:

    also thinking – Nigel Rolfe works in this media – and he would be a good conact for us.

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