The end…

The end of a semester reminds me of the strange nature of life led by a teaching artist… The awful fit of the academic calendar with the work of students as they rush projects that by right should take three more weeks to achieve ripeness…the deferred work of the teacher whose only real credential is that same work. But … It’s what we’ve got. This has defined the majority of my life.

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Exquisite Corpse Digital Round Robin

A cross-over from my other blog, here’s this seasons sampling of the Exqusite Corpse Digital Round Robin.

My version of the old Exquisite Corpse game with the students involves the use of gradient masking and layers in Photoshop, creating more dynamic compositional options than the old 3-or-4-fold paper drawing game of Breton and company

but with the same sense of the surreal and mental synchrony.

The video enhances this sense of collective mental energy.

Music by permission from

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Flickr and YouTube: OPP are you listening?

Shamelessly self-promotional links to the cloud. In addition to my OPP website, I’ve created a parallel photoset on Flickr for higher-resolution versions of the images… and a YouTube channel for videos.

I’m waiting for the day Other Peoples Pixels will allow embedding YouTube vids, beyond a tepid link on a link page. I’m a huge fan of their hosting system… the best for artists out there, and I (along with TangenT) have multiple sites posted with them… but I haven’t warmed up to their video upload or presentation modes, or their these-days unnecessary limits on server hosting limits. The cloud provides limitless possibilities. Even though it’s probably a profit center for them for now, they should ditch the vid server and embed, embed, embed. Soon enough I’d be attracted to the service that does this…

I’ve had all these kinds of accounts for awhile, but… so dense… never paid attention to the synergy they can create. There are monstrous advantages to getting out there on multiple platforms and making them talk to each other. Once you figure out what you need and how to stitch them together, it’s a beautiful system, STILL less work than old-skool database html frame-and-table pages!

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Matt Gatton has proposed that the camera obscura is the origin of all art.

His arguments are quite resonant, and explain phenomena seemingly as disparate as the Pyramids and Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Best of all, he’s no crackpot!

[An academic aside… I find this to be such a great intellectual leap that I figured Matt would be associated with DXARTS or MIT. He has “held adjunct positions at the University of Louisville and De La Salle University and is an artist-in-residence at St. Francis High School in Louisville, USA.” How refreshing that such original work can occur outside of our preconceived “elite!” Gives me hope!]

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Double Pony Double

Tangenteers, I’ve been sooo neglectful this week! I had a plan to bomb the blog, this being break week and all. But I got roped into other things.

I did, however, have a brilliant thought to complete Double Pony (which now has for me a political subtext as well… left and right sniping and snipping away at each other, dontcha think??). I want to create a loop in which the left and the right reverse speed incrementally and imperceptibly. That is, the left starts at normal speed and the loop cycles down to the slowness that the right starts at. Meantime, the right starts sloooow and cycles faster and faster. They’ll meet in the middle and cross over. Then they reverse again, completing the loop. No one will notice when the entire loop is 10-20 min or so.

What I’d REALLY like to do is create an imperceptibly different length of loop and cycle through two projectors, yielding a kind of Reichian/Cagian never-quite-the-same juxtaposition situation.

There I go again!!! WHY oh WHY can’t I be happy with just one projector?

Let me know what you think gang…

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Urban Screens

First Monday has a group of essays on the impact of public screens. I’m excited to find this just before our break, and plan on sifting through this for insight into our larger scale work. While we are working on our current body of smaller-scale, seemingly gallery-based production, it’s good to keep this larger scale and more public, quasi-guerilla thread of work on our table. Personally, thinking about warmer weather on this snowy off-day, I’m thinking about warmer climes and times and getting outside with the projector again. Any thoughts about how we might repurpose and SIMPLIFY the 709B narrative to do some guerrilla work in spring/summer?

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Double Pony

Working title for a work in progress… the first of several shear works, and the first of several exploring repetitive motion.

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From the shears to…

I’m copying Yvonne’s email here, and adding to the list.

> I like the video – minus the sound.  The girls are cute but this piece is totally about repetition of the sound created by the tools…..
> Some ideas –
> total an aside
> images printed on mylar with light projected from behind  – the images would be on the ceiling so that the shadows are cast on the people below…
> ideas generated from Sunday
> opening and closing doors – play with scale  – larger doors projected on small sculpted minimally defined houses
> button unbutton -projected on a  small dress, christening dress, miniature wedding dress or flat paper dress
> eye hook – unhook – like a bra hook
> sew sewing sewn – clothing, sewing on a button – needle in and out of the holes, skin
> pin pinned attaching acupuncture piercing (can you imagine getting permission to video a tattoo parlor/piercing pagoda?)
> blinking
> chewing biting eating
> plucking – tweezers/hair
> husking corn pealing revealing
> knitting knotting tatting quilling
> each has to operate as its own material, everyday routine actions

Yvonne you are a busy bee!
Pressing buttons or old-school rotary dial on projected on phone.
Pinching with a clothespin (Oldenberg/van Bruggen) suggestive of a kiss.
Key entering and twisting in a lock.
Sitting and standing in a chair (Kosuth).
Scrubbing a really dirty dish (out damned spot!).
Lancing a boil.
Match striking, candle burning.

Many of these really interesting as reverse footage (buttoning/unbuttoning for example). Repetition of action doing-undoing similar enough to be subtly STRANGE when done reverse. Also an interesting metaphor here.

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Shear imagery


Ginger and Fred!

The Kiss

the devil made me do it

And the end… this link.

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Who controls who?

Re Yvonne’s point in the post below, the idea of control makes me think about that creepy Cronenberg movie Dead Ringers (the best horror movie ever)…

cervical nightmares

… and the castration complex in the old story of Sampson and Delilah, here the famous Rubens…

isn't it always the woman's fault?

It really does matter WHO holds the tool and HOW it is used…

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